Valentina Ghiaccio

Visiting Graduate Student

Valentina Ghiaccio graduated in Experimental and Applied Biology at the University of Cagliari, Italy. During her degree, she spent a year at the Granada University, Spain, where she took active part in the project “Development of a lentiviral vector for gene therapy of immunodeficiencies.” Thanks to a Globus Fellowship, she subsequently spent a period of apprenticeship in the Gene Therapy Laboratory of the Austral Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, taking part in the project "The Antitumor Effect of Combined Immunotherapy in Murine Colorectal Carcinoma.” Now she is a PhD. student in Molecular and Translational Medicine at the Cagliari University, working under the supervision of Professor Paolo Moi, pursuing a project that aims at the development of lentiviral based gobin vectors for the regulation of globin genes. She joined the Rivella Lab in October 2015 as an exchange student and working on RNA interference to improve the therapeutic potential of lentiviral vectors expressing therapeutic globin chains.