Sara Gardenghi, PhD

Medical Writer

I was part of the Rivella Lab at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, during my postdoc and successively as an Instructor (2011-2014) and Assistant Research Professor (2015). With an interest in translation research with a “from bench-to-bedside” potential, my postdoctoral training focused on investigating the mechanisms of abnormal iron absorption in beta-thalassemia and the development of corrective strategies targeting the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin in mouse models.

As an Instructor and Assistant Research Professor, I moved to the investigation of anemia of inflammation. First characterizing the independent role of hepcidin and interleuking-6 in the onset of the condition, and then aiming at identifying additional inflammatory cytokines and mechanisms associated with the hepcidin/interlaukin-6 pathway.

In search for new challenges and learning opportunities, I am currently working as an independent medical writer in medical communication and continuing education, combining data analysis, graphic skills, and creativity, and contributing to different therapeutic areas.