Roberta Chessa, PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Chessa started working in the lab in December 2013 as an Italian Graduate Visiting Student. She continued in the lab as a postdoctoral associate, focusing her attention on developing new approaches for the treatment of disorders associated with inflammation, abnormal erythropoiesis and altered Iron Metabolism. She received her Ph.D. in Developmental and Pediatric Pharmacology Therapy in Cagliari. During her Ph.D. she did an internship in the Laboratory of Human Genetics, Department of Human and Clinical Genetics, in Leiden University Medical Center where she focused on the molecular diagnostic of the HBB and DMD genes using the bench-top DNA Ion Torrent Sequencing and the Next Generation Sequencing Platforms. She received her Master of Science in “Experimental and Applied Biology Curriculum: Human Biology” and her Bachelor degree in “Experimental Biology, Curriculum Methods and Applied Biomolecular” from the University of Cagliari.