Pedro Ramos, PhD

Precision Medicine Director Associate

I worked in the lab from May 2005 until November 2011 (Weill Cornell Medical College in NY). Part of the work focused on understanding the role of iron overload and Hfe in stress erythropoiesis. Secondly, I was involved in the study of the erythroid niche in disease conditions like beta-thalassemia and polycythemia vera. We described that macrophages within the erythroid niche contribute for ineffective erythropoiesis and splenomegaly, by supporting the expansion of erythroid progenitors and impairing their differentiation. I then moved to Basel, Switzerland, where I joined the Novartis presidential postdoc program in Oncology (May 2012-July 2016), in the lab of Mohamed Bentires-Alj at the FMI (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research). My work focused on the use of genetic screening tools, specifically Piggybac transposon mutagenesis, to identify genes involved in metastatic progression of Breast cancer and mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies.  In August 2016 I become Precision Medicine Director Associate in the Novartis Oncology Precision Medicine group, focusing on late stage clinical development. My function is to give scientific support to the clinical development team, including design and implementation of the biomarker discovery program, partake in clinical data analysis and interpretation, and engaging collaborations with external partners.  Outside of work I do like to travel whenever possible, I am a food and wine enthusiast, and I actively do several sports, including snowboarding, swimming, running, soccer and tennis .