Dr. Yasuhiro Ikawa


Yasuhiro Ikawa, MD, PhD, worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Dr. Rivella’s lab in CHOP. He was graduated from Kanazawa University School of medicine in Japan, and received his doctoral degree in pediatric hematology from Kanazawa University in Japan as well. He did a first postdoctoral work at National Institutes of Health. After working in clinical fields in Japan for five years, he starts his second post-doctoral work at Dr. Rivella’s lab in April, 2018.

Dr. Ikawa’s work focusedon the safety of gene transfer into hematopoietic stem cells. Gene therapy to monogenic hematological disorders has been done successfully although insertional mutagenesis has tempered the success of clinical trials. Dr. Iakwa established in vitro assay system of verifying the safety of viral vectors. He has reported a novel crucial element for cell immortalization by using this system. The system plays a pivotal role for verifying the quality of viral vectors, which would use in clinical trials.